Welcome to The Fire Begins blog. This blog will serve as a unique approach to education. It will be a mixture of humor, historical curricular ideas, History Day opportunities/insight, and providing you with potential lesson ideas and structure to help you engage your students throughout the school year. So buckle up and enjoy the ride as my hope is that we will be in for a long journey together throughout history. Many of you in education might have noticed that the subject of history really does not get a lot of "love." We typically end up with many different additions to our class throughout the year. These can range from family life, career day, social skills, behavior modification, or even having kids pulled repeatedly from our class because (insert cough here) we are not an assessed area. If you are a middle school teacher, you probably have heard this repeatedly over the years. I know that I have. I was never taught that the subject that I love would be treated this way. How can a subject that is so vital to provide our students, and future American citizens, with the knowledge of preparation on civic duty, knowing how our government works, and basic knowledge of the history of the world be so unloved? While I totally get some of you will state; ok look, sometimes you have to accommodate and be accepting of change. I totally get that and those that know me will totally state that is true and I will do so. But, when it comes to losing days or weeks of class time for these items? Now we are really hurting the kids and hurting history.
My students love my classroom and the history. I end up with some of the more challenging students either through special education, ESOL, behaviors, or just not enjoying history at all. However I am able to win these students over with very engaging activities that make history come to life for them. For some of the students the bond becomes instantaneous and we are great from the first day of school. With other students, the bond needs to be built over time. However it gets to the point where the kids love history and enjoy coming to class. I will share with you the strategies that I use, how I build my lessons, and add some humor along the way. Feel free to also check out my Pinterest Page and on Facebook by looking for The Fire Inside History. Until next time my friends, be safe and be well.