Championship Sunday vs. Gladiator Games

It is ironic how our nation has switched from "America's Game," baseball, to football. However there is definitely a similarity between America's newpastime, football, and gladiator games of Rome. Life in Rome definitely revolved around action in the collesium. Collesiums were placed in all major cities and people would spend large amounts of time at the stadium. Modern football stadiums have a similar layout to the Roman Collesium. Modern stadiums have domes, the Roman Collesium had awnings to cover fans from direct sunlight. There were large sets of bathrooms and concessions in Rome, we have the same today.

People loved the action and wanted to be entertained. Today attending a football game is an experience with the games halftime show, action during commercial breaks, and interactive events. Gladiatorial games had a lot of action, beautiful women, and were highly engaging for the citizens.

The games in Rome were the talking points and gladiators were celebrities of their day. While gladiators may have been prisoners or even from the poor class, they were beloved. Modern football players are celebrities as many have risen from poverty to rise to great heights of success.

Thousands of years later we like to think we are more evolved than those who came before us. Yet there it seems rather human to just watch extreme action and physical feats of strength. We just seem to watch and take part in large groups. It is in out blood and in our DNA. It is an ironic coincidence and one that spans the millennia.