Expo night Successes

Expo night was a success. We had a wonderful turn out from parents and students alike. Thank you to those that did attend. Not only were the projects far more detailed this year, we definitely are beginning to obtain a following of parents who do not have students at the school anymore still attending this event. Having created and organized this event for five years this makes me very pleased. This only helps to make the county History Day program better and help to show history to the community and what we can provide to not only the school but to all parts of life. I want to show you some of the projects and some of the turn out we had so a few pictures are below:

There were obviously many more projects: websites, documentaries, research papers, and skits. However for privacy of those students and individuals I will not post those pictures here. I should state that all of these projects are made by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. 600 students participate in the social studies expo; which is the entire middle school. It is very hard to get this much participation but we spend a few months preparing and helping the students to do this.

I would love to see this program expand so if you have any interest in this, please let me know and I will certainly provide you with feedback and a blueprint on how this has grown.