Friday Musings

Even in a short week of teaching I have received some very interesting quotes. I felt like I wanted to share a few with you all.

1) My name might be Nick but I'm no saint.

2) (in teaching about monotheism) Does that mean that since I had mono I can be my own religion?

3) No (insert teacher's name), I did not mean to throw that pencil at her. I meant to throw it at (insert student's name).

4) (from year's ago but a good one) [situation] New special education teacher is being observed by their mentor teacher. The mentor comes into the classroom and begins walking around to see how the students' are performing. I remain teaching, the students remained engaged, and the new teacher is providing assistance to the kids. The mentor teacher goes to the back of the room to sit down on a rolling desk chair. Mentor teacher misses chairs, falls backwards, and their feet go flying up into the air. All of the students turn around because they hear the sound. All we can see are waving feet in the air and "EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

New special education teacher and I look at each other and begin to smile. Kids turn around. One kid raises their hand. "(Insert teacher's name), you have feet growing out of your floor."

5) (looking at student) (insert student's name), are you playing games on your Chromebook? No, I am looking up strategy guides on how to play games. Playing games is wrong. But reading about how to properly beat the games is ok because it is silent reading time.

These are just some of the gems of teaching in a middle school. I am always amazed at how the students are willing to speak so candidly with adults around. I certainly wouldn't have done so in my day. I had more fear of my parents. Today's parents are more friends than parent.