Teacher Parent

This has been the craziest weekend!! Took my wife to the ER as she had a high fever. She spent Saturday relaxing and trying to get better. Then today my son had to go to the doctor and got diagnosed with the flu. In looking back at what my wife had, she got misdiagnosed as the flu. SO it has been a weekend and snow day full of health care visits. I feel that I need to invest in CVS because I have visited them every day the last three days. As a result of my son being sick I am now missing work tomorrow as a result.

While I appreciate spending time with my son it throws off my classroom and pacing because I am missing time. So as my son is right now not feeling well, what am I doing this evening (aside from blogging here)? I am planning my lessons for tomorrow, setting up the plans, developing the activity, and ensuring that I have all the coverage that I need. This is something that many others who I know not in education understand. I am friends with people who can just "work from home." Or just call out and it really does not affect them as much.

I am so envious of the work from home option. I would love that option because I would not fall behind and it would not cost me a sick day. However I lose a sick day and lose time in preparation with my students. I know that fellow teachers would fully understand my situation here. It is very frustrating, especially at this time of year when it is midterm time. I am trying to ensure that my students are prepared and have all of the necessary items to be successful. This is highly stressful for me as I need to also be sure that these exams get graded on time to be on the students' report cards.

The craziest part is I still have to head to work tomorrow morning to set up my classroom too. So I will be trekking my son off with me to school to set up the classroom for the day, even though I will not be there, to ensure student success. Then we will head home for a day of his relaxation.

For those not in education, does this happen in the "real world?" I would love to know because I would love to share that idea with students. When they ask about being sick and out for a teacher I inform them all I have to do. I do not sadly know if this is the norm elsewhere. So please leave comments and let me know how this relates to you all. Here is hoping that this flu gets over quickly...