Teacher Protests

Many people find it unfair that teachers are protesting and on strike from their jobs. Many feel that teachers should always just think of the children; and we do. However the state of what a teacher has to put up with and with minimal resources is very poor. Many teachers have limited textbook sources, limited technology, class sizes of 30+, and limited time in school to get all their tasks done. Then the teacher is to complete communication to parents, grading, planning, and other deeds for school after work along with family personal commitments. All of this on a salary that is very minimal. Many teachers make just above the poverty line. So you ask why they protest?

Look at cost living. Since the recession teachers pay has been stagnant. Teachers are struggling to live. These are some of our most educated and knowledgeable people in our society and they are living paycheck to paycheck, having two or three jobs, or living with roommates when they are in their 30s or 40s. This makes it very difficult for teachers to be at their best. You look for burnout, which I have addressed before.

So why do teachers strike? Who else will stick up for them? Teachers put up with students who back talk, parents who blame them for their child's difficulties or short comings, and are expected in a school shooting to protect their students and administer first aid. All of this for a minimal salary. All teachers really want is to be appreciated, make a livable wage, and feel respected. Much of which is not occurring.

Teachers look to figures like Gerry Brooks who tell it like it is for educators because they speak what educators go through and believe. So if you ever want to know the mind of an educator check out Gerry Brooks' videos. So teachers of Los Angeles; we understand your plight and know where you come from. Teachers who have stroked previously we understand your plight and celebrate your gains. To those who will in the future we know that you are rallying for you.