'Tis the season

Winter has sprung with cold temperatures, possible snow, and sickness. Around the school teachers are sick, coughing , sneezing, and down right miserable. Myself included. Most medical doctors would say: stay home, rest, care for you. However that is impossible as a teacher.

Firstly it is so much easier to be at school than to make sub plans. Writing sub plans, copying for a sub, and setting up the room takes an entire day. When I am there I can copy and be set up within 15 minutes. So I would just rather be there. Secondly, the kids behave and complete the work while I am there. I cannot tell you how many times I have been at work with little to no voice, throbbing headaches, colds, sinus infections, etc. All because it is easier to just be there. When I leave work for a sub I may get lucky and some kids do it, many are confused and stop to act out, I get emails from some stating it is too hard, and the sub leaves me a note and says the kids were great. If they were so great why didn't they finish the work? Why did I get 10-15 emails that literally state: "Hey, I am stuck. What do I do?" Even though I left a screen castify video with instructions, wrote the instructions on the board, and wrote them again in the plan. I am at a loss. Finally why I do not call out...the kids act like they live in a zoo and have never heard of the classroom rules before. So along with being out for a day I have to come back and reach, punish the knuckleheads, clean up the classrooms get a semblance of what occurred yesterday, and then get back with my pacing guide.

I would rather just feel like the walking dead than miss school. I know what some will say...why don't you have classroom management so the kids behave when you are gone. I ask you this. You are an adult.. when your boss is away from work, don't you take advantage to try and leave early or get some extra perks? Same deal with 12-13 year olds.

Alas I stack up on Vitamin C or Emergen-C so i can hold off my sickness. However...what usually happens is what has happened today. I get sick on a Friday. I feel like death all weekend killing all plans, hopes, and dreams. But I will feel 100% perfect for work again on Monday. Sigh, such is the life of an educator. What we do for our students is never ending.