Twas the Night Before Expo

Twas the night before social studies expo
All through the county.
Parents are tired and kids are there too.
They have been working for days, weeks, and months too.
That they are now feeling totally blue.
After one more day they will see if it is true
That their child's project will become a History Day contender too.

The project has been the bane of their existence since January began.
They are definitely not a fan.
However when they arrive at the school and see the multiple projects,
their face will turn from a frown to a smile.
500 students have made something that you will not see for a mile.
Students have been interested, entranced, and amazed by history
That is the key to this story.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently I have been rather busy ensuring that this event has been prepared for the kids. We have over 500 students who have made history projects relating to triumph and tragedy. Then we will have a final round of a geography bee. This is the fifth year I have put this together for the students and their families. Local businesses get involved, the local school board, and members of the community. I have always been amazed by the types of projects that are created. I am very proud of my department having worked so hard to make an event like this possible. I am pleased with the support of so many people. I hope that I will be able to share some pictures of the turnout and the projects. It's really great and I hope to show you this soon. Until next time everyone.