The Start of a New Semester

Second semester is starting and with it comes new hope, new students, and (potentially) new topics. However it needs to be said that at this point in the year teachers are beginning to feel burn out. There are very few breaks left in the school year that help with teacher's mental sanity.

If you are a teacher you understand just how difficult it is to mentally stay "on" all the time. It's draining and you have to have mental breaks. That is why some of those days off (Thanksgiving, Christmas, MLK Day, President's Day, etc.) are very important for teachers. However with those days either not being days off, being work from home days for teachers, or professional development days non educators need to understand that it is taxing for a teacher. While your child may be off the professional development days are days where we are in meetings to learn new strategies, skills, activities, programs to implement with your children. We are not just "chilling out" or doing nothing. These are days where we are still mentally stimulated.

We allow kids to have brain breaks...we need to do the same for teacher's too. Teachers become more agitated, angered, and just more emotional without these breaks. This impacts our relationship with the students and their parents. It is not that we are trying to be this way, but we are human.

So how can parents and kids help teachers?

1. Parents, please understand when we reach out to you as a result of behaviors, we are looking for you to be a team member to help us. Do not blame us, do not think we are crazy, give us your support.

2. Students, please realize that we are here to help you. We are not your enemy, we are not out to get you, we do not plan every night how to make your life difficult. We are pushing you to heights that will help you succeed and become more successful than us.

3. Fellow teachers, lend us your ear. Listen to our struggles, our successes, and our tears. We are all in this together.

Best of luck to all the educators out there in their second semester!