Been Awhile

So it has been awhile since I did a posting here but life really got busy. History Day happened in which we had amazing turnouts and have made strides to have this become one of the biggest competitions within the state. This year alone we had over 10,000 students participate in the Upper Shore History Day event. Washington College was such a gracious location to host out initial event and we look forward to making the event larger next year and beyond.

On top of that my wife and I are going through the adoption process. We have all of the documents officially completed. Now it is just to continue moving forward with the home study process. Maryland requires 5 home study visits. After tomorrow we will have two more home study visits left. Then we have to wait 90 days for the home study to officially be "complete" in the eyes of the state. This obviously is a huge undertaking for our family. But the hope is that we will be able to have another child with us.

The final event was registering our son for kindergarten. Where has the time gone? It feels only like yesterday that he was born and I was calling a few coworkers informing them I would not be in the next day as my wife and I were headed to the hospital. Time certainly has a way of making it seem quickly with children as I cannot fathom how quickly time moves.

During this time as well our dog split her nail and ended up in a bandage for a month. Then a growth occurred on her foot. We were unsure what it became and the concern became that it was toe cancer. I didn't even know that was a thing; until of course we were paying for a biopsy of the growth. Thankfully it was not toe cancer and just scar tissue from the cracked toe nail. Our dog has made a full recovery and is now running around like a crazy animal again.

Teaching is still teaching as the third marking period has officially ended as of today. We now go into the final marking period. However this also includes state testing and then final exams. Where has the time of this school year gone? Where has life gone to make us feel more like time never stops moving.